No plans, no promises!

If you want to avoid “that sinking feeling” that comes from unkept promises and missed revenue targets, this playbook will help you.

Justin (Partnerplaybooks) was joined by Larry Walsh (Channelnomics) and Frie Pétré (Qollabi) to go over the annual business planning process.

Watch the webinar to get a 45 min tour of the 6-step planning and prioritization process to focus, align and measure your partner plans better.

Here are the takeaways:

Step 1 - Segment Partners
Step 2 - Doing your OKRs
Step 3 - Get partners to "the table"
Step 4 - Get commitment
Step 5 - Keeping them accountable
Step 6 - Avoiding repeated mistakes 

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   + BONUS: mutual success plan template.  

Business planning for indirect sales: 
Best practices & playbook for 2023