Distribution of insurance products through 300 sales agents.

This insurance company distributes life and non-life insurance products through a channel of around 300 tied agents, managed by 20 account managers divided over several geographical regions.

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­­Are you in Financial Services managing Agents, Brokers or Branches? 

Financial Services using Qollabi


All the account managers have a different approach to make business and action plans. The company didn't know which one was the best. 

Business plans were made in Excel and Powerpoint.



One way of working leading to more accountability and partner commitment .

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Welcome to a New World of 
Partner Collaboration

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CRM Data connected to Qollabi providing an instant overview of the status on the most important objectives and the underlying actions and activities.

Business Plans made in Qollabi

New agent segmentation based on two axes: potential and willingness to collaborate.

Implementing this new strategy, the company declares an uplift of more than 10% in terms of efficiency and productivity after 
a successful implementation of Qollabi.

Standardized way of working for all account managers based on three steps: plan, collaborate, measure.

"We see exactly what needs to be done.”

"Qollabi helps us to allocate the right resources to the right intermediary at the right time’”

Frank Cnudde
Baloise Insurance

"Follow-up is more efficient.”

Patrick Rondelez
Belfius Insurance

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Business Plans Made in Excel, Word, PPT are rarely updated.

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