Don’t manage your distribution partners (agents, brokers, branches) informally. 

With increasing competition, gaining commitment from your distribution partners is tough.

But, with a BRM you can create joint action plans that build alignment. When partners have input into the plans, that naturally creates buy-in.

Lack of commitment from distribution partners


See how a BRM helps drive distribution success

Create templates tailored to your distribution partner profile

Plan for Success

Automate collaboration

Managing multiple distribution partners makes it difficult for commercial teams to stay on top of business plans.

A BRM cuts through the noise and lets you easily measure progress. That way you can get everyone on the same page and hold partners accountable

Lack of Accountability

CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft, and SAP are great systems of records, but relevant partner data often end up scattered in different systems.
A BRM helps you pull everything together to understand the full picture of partner sales. 

Scattered data  

Create shared spaces with your distribution partners and team members

Connect data from different sources and separate leading from lagging indicators

Predict Partner Success  

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Customer story: 

See how this insurer saved time previously spent in static spreadsheets and gained more oversight of partner plans.

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