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Managing your solution partners, and strategic alliances on an ad-hoc basis doesn’t work.

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Having a partner program doesn’t always mean you have buy-in from your partners.

Get on the same page with a BRM that lets you easily build joint action plans.

Lack of partner commitment  


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Create templates or mutual success plans tailored to your partner profiles or life cycles.

Plan for Success 

Automate collaboration

Manually managing partner programs leads to siloed processes and a lack of accountability.

Using a BRM helps sales, marketing, and operations align and stay on track with partner plans.  

Lack of accountability

CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft, and SAP are great systems for direct sales, but they only tell part of the story.
BRM helps you pull data together from multiple sources to predict partner success.

Scattered data  

Break down silos in shared spaces with partners and team members.

Connect data from different sources and learn from best practices.

Predict Partner Success  

Scale and automate your (technical) partner onboarding with winning playbooks! ­­🚀

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You need a Business Relationship Management platform that automates collaboration and predicts partner success.

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