Top 5 Sales Tools for 
Indirect Sales

Get to know which tools suit your company.

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CRM ( Customer Relationship Management)

PRM (Partner Relationship Management)

BI (Business Intelligence)

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This ebook will help you navigate through a strong growth category of channel sales technology in 2023. We will discuss:

We created this ebook to make help companies navigate through the different acronyms and technological solutions that are available. And, more importantly, how they interconnect and interact with each other.

BRM (Business Relationship Management)

SSO (Single Sign-on)

            About Qollabi

Qollabi helps you to build stronger relationships with your business partners. We call our software BRM (Business Relationship Management Software) 

We especially developed it for professionals managing indirect sales channels like agents, branches, distributors, dealers, brokers, resellers, etc.

Our customers choose Qollabi BRM because of increased commitment and accountability. 

Both, within their own organization as between them and their business partners. Want to know more?
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