Scale and automate your onboarding and success with a business relationship management platform 🚀 

Building a channel organization is though. You need a system designed specifically for developing and tracking partner plans., Asana, Google sheets, Notion, etc.. won’t cut it once you pass 15 partners.

Achieve Scale


Create templates or mutual success plans tailored to your partner profile or life cycle.

Plan for Success

Automate collaboration

We entered the decade of the ecosystem with the ever-growing need to integrate products.

Technical partnership teams need both strategic alignment, operational follow-up and accountability.

Technical Partnership teams  

With often limited resources, channel partner teams can not serve all partners at the same time. Expand your potential with partner-led onboarding and automated follow-ups using a BRM.

Fuel growth

Create shared spaces with your partner and team members.

Get instant visibility in your mutual success plans.

Predict Partner Success  

Scale and automate your (technical) partner onboarding with winning playbooks! ­­🚀

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7 Technologies you need for the “Decade of the channel”

These 7 technologies enable the full potential of your channel strategy.

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Offer the right support to your strategic partners and create the right focus and accountability.

Channel Sales Checklist

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7 Best practices for every partner organization

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